I’ve spent countless hours and sleepless nights helping myself and my clients sell millions of dollars’ worth of products across dozens of industries. Through my research, I’ve identified a serious marketing chasm in the dental industry which led to the development of a guaranteed and battle tested system to generate new, qualified “no time waster” implant patients (candidates) for dentists.

It’s proven. It’s guaranteed. It’s risk free.

And that’s why it’s not for everyone…

Three Reasons Why I Cannot Help You.

Instead of going into some fancy third-person “About Me” section, written by me as someone else, I’ll write this page as though I’m speaking to a friend.


It’s the best way to make my point with all that I’m about to share.


I’m 41 years old. I live in Ottawa with my beautiful wife of ten years.


We have three kids, a chubby cat and gentle, unassuming fish that multiply with reckless abandon.


My 14 year serial entrepreneurial background includes Application Security, Design, Brand Creation, Certified Ad Management, Local Search Optimization…lots of other really geeky tech stuff… and.. B2B Corporate sales.


I covered all the necessary bases and went through the school of experience to build the systems I needed to build to help businesses (including my own) make more money.


This IS NOT by some textbook marketing that looks shiny on the outside but empty in results within.


I  license this system to business owners who want to QUALIFY their customers BEFORE they walk in the door to ensure they grow FASTER.


When you spend hours staring at analytics on screens and reverse engineering buyer psychology…several things become clear.


There is no such thing as creating traffic.


It already exists everywhere.  


What doesn’t happen for most is taking their EXISTING traffic..


and actually making it do something PROFITABLE for them.


It’s the single biggest reason many roll their eyes and feel advertising on the web is a waste of time.


Word of mouth and referrals keep the lights on and likely make you “rich”.


Predictable, results based marketing makes you wealthy and sustainable ensuring there are no more tough times. 


Competition is everywhere and Universities are graduating new Dentists every single year.


Your world WILL AND IS getting smaller.


It’s how you are prepared to deal with it that makes the difference. 


Years ago, it was as simple as getting a website up on Google and traffic would magically appear.


Many practices actually still think this is how it works.


Or they tried and got terrible results from fake experts.


This is likely the biggest reason for “internet marketing apathy”.


Their eyes roll when they hear about someone making millions online or how they can get “ranked”.


Some Dentists actually spend thousands doing campaigns to tell their potential patients how well they “rank” in Google or how good their “built” online reputation is.


There’s good reason for this.


You either get it or you don’t.


If you’re “in between” or are part of the “don’t” camp, then your bottom line has likely seen the effects over the last 4 years.


Only 2 things matter now: 

  1. Qualified leads
  2. Do those leads have a chance of becoming a higher profit customer quicker


There’s now hundreds or even thousands of the same options for your service…every minute.


Some patients drive 40km being they thought the Dentist who positioned themselves as an authority was worth it.


The product is the marketing except you are not actually bragging about yourself.


Every business has the objective of obtaining qualified leads.


For example the Dentist below generates appx..


FIFTY to SEVENTY THOUSAND DOLLARS monthly  in new Dental procedures from the targeted, lead inquiries below.




He maintains the same real estate and operations and generates leads for Dental Implants only.  


They just call people back daily and book them based on their level of need.


The way most do it now is to pay thousands for Google Ads that go to a home page with a phone number halfway down the page…


No qualification questions or a SYSTEM to get them qualified.


Just a phone number with an email and maybe a “message”.


Likely a complete TIME WASTER.


Here is a qualified inquiry that DID NOT require a useless, wasted $15.00 for the click to visit your home page.



Thankfully this Dentist was there to answer the inquiry.  The patient even used CAPS to describe their pain.




With this new, “never seen before BUT ALWAYS EXISTED” revenue, it’s possible to

grow the practice

hire new staff

buy new chairs

and simply take things to the next level.


Everyone’s happy and I  get personal satisfaction for helping good people find each other.


Most businesses (practices) just “react” to cases.  They have no idea how to find the person below who desperately needs help and is asking for it.




If your receptionist received 30-50 of those PRE-QUALIFIED forms to respond to every single month…


would they be of value to the practice?


Of course they would.


It’s all about showing potential patients (or customers) exactly what they need to do and hold their hand throughout an automated process..


otherwise, online marketing is as useful as holding a sign on the side of a highway.


My goal is helping practices to ensure they generate more profit from their existing chairs by booking the qualified implant inquiries above.


This naturally increases the amount of implants they do each month and therefore makes them more money.

But they have to want to be helped and be at the stage where they have committed to the positive growth of the practice.


If the system doesn’t work,you DO NOT PAY.


But…I told you..

I do not deal with just anyone who calls me…

Here’s why:


You don’t have a high ticket item

It’s impossible for me to help you unless you have a high ticket item that you want to sell to your ideal customer.


I’ve been helping local businesses for over 10 years, and I work almost exclusively with the dental industry because of their ability to offer a high ticket item.


A dental implant has a value of around 70 times what a local mainstream service would be worth…somewhere around $7000 versus $100.


Dentists are always going to have work because everyone has teeth. However, dentists want to have money for sending their kids to college and buy multiple vacation homes – and this is what dental implants allow.


Having a high ticket item ensures that profit margins are never too thin. 


It also allows your advertising dollars to actually work for you instead of just giving your website really expensive visibility.


Below is proof of 79 filled out qualified forms from 2111 clicks to the dentists website.



Some inexperienced marketer may look at the 3.4% stat and say the conversion sucks.  And by all accounts it does.

The reason it sucks is because lower percentages in this case mean HIGHER qualification.

79 People filled out the qualification form and told you their life story and indicated they were going to buy within 90 days and promised to show up – and do.


20% closed and purchased.

Equaled  16 new procedures for the Doc who then hired an associate and took the summer off.


The beauty is 30% DID let you capture their email as a first step which means you now own their email address and can market to them for years to come.


The above was the second step.


The part that separates the time wasters from the buyers.


The more questions you ask about wasting your time…the less time wasters you will get.


The guy driving hundreds of new calls in a week from those who cannot spell I-M-P-L-A-N-T  is wasting your time and likely left you with IMB (Internet Marketing B*&tthurt)

The reality is local business owners don’t invest enough in their growth.  the stigma of old methods of advertising or simple 1.0 marketing methods are employed by over 80% of businesses trying to generate leads.


Many practices are blissfully unaware that they missed out on new profit through methods that have evolved over time, and they continue to waste their money on ineffective mediums and marketing tools with little to no results.


As you can see above the traffic already exists in droves… whether anyone likes it or not..or can attain it or not..


it’s up to the practice to actually tell it where to go if they have a hope of getting noticed.


The purpose of business growth is not to simply sell more stuff and get a great reputation in town. It’s about selling the right stuff to ensure that you get the higher profit margin so that you can live the life you want to live.


The reality is that it takes the same amount of effort to sell a small ticket item as it does a large ticket item. This means that it is much better for you to focus on selling large ticket items and using the smaller items to lead to the bigger ones.


NOT the other way around.



So I only work directly with business owners who have high ticket items that can be sold and who value their investments back into their growth.


The return is simple math. You don’t want to put hard work and effort into a campaign where a customer maxes out at $20. It’s better to automate the process – which is easy to do.


You need to be able to perform more implant surgeries (or whatever your high ticket item is) and have the capacity to do it.


If you are simply happy doing general services or dentistry, with no upsell or high profit item you need to sell more of, then this isn’t the right solution for you.


You don’t believe your web presence is important to your growth


Your local market visibility is of the utmost importance. You need to be convinced already that web traffic has the potential to give you more patients within your local market.


It’s great if you had a close friend do your website and knows all about this “online stuff” in order to get you up and running cheap and “in google”.

It didn’t cost you much, and everyone who calls themselves an expert needs to start somewhere.


However, at some point, you need to focus on growing your business and improving your visibility in all the right places.


You need to provide the right experience for the people who visit your website and stop focusing so much on the front end brochure.


Website strategy is something that you need to not only learn, but own.


There have been many times where I spent 40 minutes of a one-hour call talking people off the ledge when they start hearing the words “Internet marketing.”


If you are qualified to do your own Internet marketing, you don’t need to contact me. The systems I use have been down all tested over the years, and I implement them to work.


This requires you doing what you do best and me doing what I do best.  If you can do it then you definitely do not need me.


This system, like anything that grows profits, does require investment.


The people who understand that proper marketing methods make them money, and are willing to focus on converting these leads inside their business, are the ones who I have worked with for years and are currently my partners.


My mentors, coaches, colleagues and peers are the best in the business. It’s how I have grown to the point I am at today and why I have the confidence to guarantee my work.


If my clients don’t succeed, I don’t take their money. It’s that simple.


What this all means is that it’s risk-free for you and completely risky for me.


You don’t have the capacity for new inquiries


The system works.


It’s working for several practices and businesses right now who are responding to booking appointments and dealing with new patients daily.


However, if you don’t have the capacity for growth as well as the internal structure that needs to be set up to deal with new inquiries, this isn’t going to be the system for you.


More inquiries will not help you if you already have hundreds of qualified, profit generating inquiries and are at max capacity.


At that point you just need to hire more people and sell more stuff.


If you are willing to invest more than the next business in advertising in order to attain a client, you are going to attain more clients.


If you don’t have the capacity or the number of employees to deal with answering the phone from the people who want to book your services, leads are not your issue.


If you spend $1000 in order to generate $10,000 worth of sales, naturally, spending $10,000 would generate $100,000 worth of sales.


If you are looking at simply generating new leads and calls to your existing practice, you would use treatment-specific targeted advertising as well as landing pages designed to convert and increase your bottom line.


The front end of the sales process is almost always cost neutral.  All the profit is made on the back end in any business.  It’s the ones who get stuck on the front end that stay still.


You must mold your markets to your advantage. Additionally, you need to make sure that the people inside your company are capable of driving those sales.


The only traffic you “own” outright on the web is the email list that you build and market to on a regular basis.


It is only attained over time by being in the right place with the right offering at the right time in front of the right “people”.


Everything changes. This includes markets, tastes, demographics, and everything else. Autopilot only works for so long before you need to manage and tweak it.


However, these are not your worries, they are mine.


The only thing I truly worry about is how to get more conversions, and with my proven system, it’s not something I worry about too often.


Getting more conversions will also allow you to provide more of your high-end service and allow you to take more vacations. You can then focus on hiring more dentists while you focus on the areas of your practice that you enjoy the most.


This is why I guarantee my work.


If I fail (and these systems are built out of seeing what failed) then I don’t take my commission.


Results driven and risk free.

My gift to you..

If you are a dentist looking to increase inquiries and who wants to learn about how to turn the inquiries into lifetime patients, download my free book below. Also, download my essential landing page elements book. Your goal should be to have one new “all on 4” every month as well is one qualified lead form every day.

If you don’t have a lot of time for all of this “marketing stuff”, feel free to contact me personally, and we can schedule some time to discuss growing your practice to the next level.

To your success,
Shamil Radia

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